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Homeowners Insurance 101

Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your home is often the most significant and costly investment you will make in a lifetime. In order to make sure that you have all the coverage you need, it’s best to understand the standard items covered by a Homeowners Insurance Policy, as well as the additional coverage options available, if your regular policy doesn’t pick them up.




Dwelling covers the physical structure of your home, such as the walls, foundation, roof, and siding.



If you have buildings on your property other than the primary residence, such as a separate garage, carriage house, greenhouse, or shed, this coverage would protect those structures.



The belongings inside your home such as furniture, electronics, clothing, collectibles, and other items that are stored inside your home are insured by this type of insurance.



Liability insurance can cover you in the event that a visitor makes a claim against you after being injured on your property.



If someone is injured on your property, this type of coverage can help pay for their medical bills.



Depending on the carrier you choose, more protections may be included in your policy. Extra coverage certainly is advisable depending on the value of your home, the location, and unexpected events that can arise.

One valuable source of additional protection is Reimbursed Living Expenses Coverage. This type of insurance can help pay for a hike in living costs after a covered loss, such as a hotel stay if your house became uninhabitable, for instance.




A variety of optional home insurance policies are available to help you protect your hacienda and everything inside of it, beyond the typical range of coverage types.

Examples of Optional Insurance include:

  • Scheduled personal property: Covers appraised valuables such as jewelry or fine antiques.

  • Water backup: Helps protect against water damage resulting from drain backups or broken sump pumps.

  • Yard and garden: Further coverage offered for trees, landscaping, riding lawnmowers and other outdoor property relating to your land.

  • Business Property: If you store business-related items in your home, such as inventory you intend to sell, office equipment, and paperwork, this coverage can help you recover losses.

  • Identity theft restoration: If your identity is stolen, you may use this coverage for legal fees, lost income, and other damages associated with the event.

  • Green Improvement Reimbursement: Making eco-friendly upgrades to your home is a great opportunity for cost savings and tax deductions, yet you’ll also want to protect the investments you have made to keep your home energy efficient.

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