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Business Insurance

Commercial insurance can be complex. We want to make sure you are properly insured at a price your business can afford. We can discuss the details of your business and your budget.

Commercial insurance generally covers three areas: liability (including auto), property and employee benefits. Most businesses will need some sort of coverage.  Your broker will determine the policy that is tailored for your business.

What Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance helps protect businesses from financial losses caused by risks to their property and income. Covered risks can include things like theft, damage, and lawsuits. Insurance for businesses, also known as commercial insurance, can even cover injured workers’ lost wages and provide access to programs to help them get back to work. Commercial insurance policies also help protect businesses from financial losses resulting from liability claims.


Do You Need Business Insurance?


Businesses need business insurance for many reasons. One reason is that in the U.S., most states require certain coverages in order for a business to operate there. This usually includes workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and disability insurance. Insurance for business can also help cover the costs of legal claims made against a business.


Without liability insurance, a business that has to pay the costs of a claim or lawsuit out-of-pocket may not have the financial means to survive. Insurance for business can also protect businesses from the financial risks of property loss. The costs of repairing or replacing physical property after fire, theft, vandalism and more could be devastating without a commercial property insurance policy helping cover the costs. Without insurance, companies that incur costs as a result of common business exposures like: property damage; legal claims by third parties; and work-related employee illness and injury, may not be able to afford to stay in business.

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